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11-06-2015 Ch Breed Show 2017 - the Event Calendar has been updated <here>
20-04-2015 Ch Show 2015 Bitch Critique can be viewed <here>
Open Breed Show 2016 - the Event Calendar has been updated <here>
02-04-2015 Ch Show 2015 Dog Critique can be viewed <here>

Open Breed Show 2016 - the Event Calendar has been updated <here>

16-03-2015 Ch Show 2015 results can be viewed <here>
02-03-2015 Summary meeting minutes for 1-10-2014 added <here>
AGM Meeting minutes 2014 added <here>
Club Officers & Committee updated <here>
Club Rules have been updated <here>

Veteran Of The Year 2016 - the Event Calendar has been updated <here>


AGM 2015 - The Agenda can be viewed<here>


AGM 2015 - Notification of Nominations & Proposals has been sent to all members & can be also viewed<here>


The PBHF Clinics calendar has been updated <here>


Open Breed Show 2016 - the Event Calendar has been updated <here>


Top Awards 2014 - Top winners added to the Home page and full list can be viewed<here>


Breed Seminar/Assessment Day 22 March 2015 - Details of the day and how to reserve your place can be downloaded<here>


AGM 2015 - The Notice has been sent to all members and can also be downloaded<here>


Championship Show 15 March 2015 - The Schedule can be downloaded <here> and the Entry Form <here>


Handling Day with Marina Scott - Photos can be seen <here> More photos can also be found on the Clubs's BCCGB Shows & Events Facebook Group

06-11 &

Open Show/POTY/VOTY 25/10/14
Photographs of the main winners have been added <here>
VOTY critique can be viewed <here>
Dog critique can be viewed <here>


Open Show/POTY/VOTY 25/10/14 Results have been added <here>


Details of forthcoming PBHF DNA Clinics for MDR1 & B12 have been added <PBHF Clinics>

19-10-2014 Ch Show 16/03/14 Dog Critique from judge, Dita Kilsby, can be downloaded <here>
13-10-2014 Summary meeting minutes for 20-7-2014 added <here>
23-09-2014 The club event calendar has been updated - Puppy Of The Year 2016 <calendar>
31-08-2014 Judges already approved by the KC to award CCs in the breed can apply for inclusion on the Club's A List. No CV required. More information can be found <here>
29-08-2014 Handling Day with Marina Scott, 9 November 2014, all places now booked
22-08-2014 2015 Year Book advertising & ordering information can be found <here>
12-08-2014 Revised date & venue for Handling Day with Marina Scott, 9 November 2014- details can be downloaded <here>
10-08-2014 Open Show 09/11/13 Bitch Critique from judge, Louise Amos, can be downloaded <here> The Dog Critique (previously published in Dog World) can be downloaded <here>
09-08-2014 Veteran Of The Year 2014 details & entry form are available to download <here> & <here> NB - Puppy of The Year invitations will be sent out after City of Birmingham Ch Show, which is the last qualifying show.
08-08-2014 Open Breed Show 25/10/14 Schedule & Entry Form are available to download <here> & <here> NFC entries are free, but must be included on the entry form please. Special Working class now includes SBCHT qualification. B12 Clinic & gonioscopy testing./swabbing also available at the show.
25-07-2014 The Club's Policy & Procedure - Dogs In Hot Cars has been added <here>
23-07-2014 The club event calendar has been updated - Ch Show 2017 Referee & Ch Show 2018 judges <calendar>
23-07-2014 Summary meeting minutes for 27-4-2014 added <here>
11-07-2014 The club event calendar has been updated - Open Show, POTY & VOTY 2015 judges <calendar>

Although a mandatory KC requirement for Ch. Shows, BCCGB's judging contract will, with immediate effect, include the explicit requirement to produce a critique. <Judging List>

01-07-2014 The club event calendar has been updated <calendar>

Details of forthcoming PBHF DNA Clinics for MDR1 & B12 have been added <PBHF Clinics>


Online version of Judging List Nomination Questionnaire has been added <Judging List>

06-06-2014 Updates to the Judges List Page re downloadable Nomination Questionnaire & Events Page - BCOTY 2016
12-05-2014 Updates to the Contact Page (Puppy List Administrator now Annette Walters) and Puppy List page contact details for Annette Walters
12-05-2014 The club event calendar has been updated <calendar>
06-05-2014 The club event calendar has been updated <calendar>
29-04-2013 Summary meeting minutes for 30-3-2014 added <here>
29-04-2014 Updates to: - Club page (name change Mrs T Rankin to Ms T Wilkinson) and - Contact us page (added show secretary position)
23-04-2014 Launch of new Facebook Group - The Border Collie Club of Great Britain are pleased to announce the availability of a "member only" Facebook group. A link to the group can be found <here>
23-04-2014 Club committee updated.
18-4-2014 Updates to club contacts - phone numbers added
18-4-2014 Club Judging List - The Judges Sub-committee will sit twice a year in March & September to review applications to be added to the Club's judging list. Further information can be found <here>
18-4-2014 UPDATED Optigen Clinic - 30% Discount Optigen clinics are held twice a year in February & September.The next 30% Discount Optigen Clinic will be on Tuesday, 16th September, at Foxbarton, Epsom. Clients may attend with their dogs, or take part as Postal Participants. All breeds welcome for whom Optigen have tests available. Full instructions and help given if you contact Val Tiller. Email or Tel: (01372) 273597
8-4-2014 Pastoral Breeds Health Foundation (PBHF) Update, 1/4/2014
I am very pleased to confirm that the Roslin have been granted the research funds to continue work with the PBHF into glaucoma in Border Collies - this is a substantial amount that covers us for a number of years. The information so far given by breeders and owners has given the researchers a lot more insight into the issues and we have a lot more work to do to get the samples and information needed to move this on. The PBHF is meeting at the end of this month (we hope many of the clubs will be able to send represenatives). Like any research new information comes to light and with this in mind we will need the help of owners, and breeders and the clubs. After the meeting we will be putting out information on the work of Roslin and how we will also work with the AHT research in this area - so bear with us. For now a big thanks for those that have made the time and effort to be involved.
Kathie Kinton



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The inaugural meeting of the Border Collie Club of Great Britain took place on the 6th August, 1973. 40 years on, the club remains the premier Border Collie breed club in the UK.