Officials & committee


Mrs Marion Hopkinson

This photograph (from 1989) is of one of our founders, Margaret Collier who sadly passed away in 2006. Margaret will be dearly missed


Mr Pete Simmons

Secretary & Membership

Miss Anita Gowing


Mr Doug Collier


Mrs Louise Collier (Membership Secretary)
Miss Natalie Holtappel
Ms Annette Walters (Puppy List, Newsletter editor, Breed Council & PBHF Representative)
Mr Paul Bloomfield
Mrs Pat Ward (Vice Chairman)
Mr Phil Surridge (Co-opted)
Ms Tracey Wilkinson (Co-opted)
Miss Sue Gillingwater (Co-opted)
Mr Andy Morewood (Co-opted)
Mrs Julie Morewood (Co-opted)

Life members

Mr D Collier
Mr R Henry
Prof P Bedford
Mrs M Hopkinson
Mrs Ann Jordan
Mr E Keeton
Mrs S Saxby
Mr G Ravenscroft
Mrs M Ravenscroft
Mrs P Wilkinson
Mrs C Ward
Mrs V Paesler

About us

The inaugural meeting of the Border Collie Club of Great Britain took place on the 6th August, 1973. 40 years on, the club remains the premier Border Collie breed club in the UK.